The Battle of Vanai was a military engagement between the forces of Antea and mercenaries from Maccia and Vanai. The Antean forces were victorious and the city fell under their jurisdiction.


In Vanai, the prince gathered his forces to defend against the Antean invaders. All men with military experience in the city, including those under Marcus Wester, were placed in the mercenary ranks. The mercenary forces were led by Karol Dannian and Merrisan Koke.

In Antea, a large force under the command of Lord Ternigan made haste for the city when word reached their ears of reinforcements from Maccia. Assuming that the reinforcements would reach the city in five days, the Antean force planned to reach Vanai after a hard march of four days.

The BattleEdit

The battle itself was fought on a misty morning in a valley several miles north of the city. The defenders were entrenched near the center of the valley. After arriving, the Anteans divided into two forces. One force was sent to attack the defenders on the western flank, the two hundred mercenaries under Karol Dannian. The other force, greater in strength, attacked the defenders on the eastern flank, where the fighting was assumed to be the thickest. The attack on the eastern flank was led by Lord Ternigan himself, while the force on the western flank was led by Jorey Kalliam. Under Jorey were some half a dozen knights including Geder Palliako, Makiyos of Ainsbaugh, Sozlu Veren and his brother Sesil Veren, Darius Sokak, Fallon Broot and his son Daved Broot. Jorey also commanded three dozen archers and six dozen swordsmen.

When the battle began, Jorey Kalliam's force assaulted the western flank, breaking the defenders' lines. They smashed the initial mercenary force, but soon after the men under the banners of Maccia arrived. Jorey Kalliam sent Geder Palliako to Lord Ternigan on the eastern flank to request aid. When Geder arrived, he told Lord Ternigan of the situation. After the reinforcements were sent, Geder collapsed from his horse from a crossbow wound, missing the end of the battle.


When the battle had been won, the Anteans sacked the city and sent the prince into exile. Alan Klin was named as the Protector of Vanai and the men under his command remained in the city as a garrison force. The remainder of the Antean host rode back to Camnipol to deliver the tribute gained from the conquered city.

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