Feldin Maas
Race Firstblood
Gender Male
Title 1. Baron of Ebbinbaugh

1. Chief member of Curtin Issandrian's cabel

Book(s) 1. The Dragon's Path

2. The King’s Blood

Feldin Maas is a male Firstblood. He is the Baron of Ebbinbaugh and a chief member of Curtin Issandrian's cabal. Phelia Maas is his wife.


Recent EventsEdit

One day at court, Feldin Maas demanded to be served before Dawson Kalliam, despite Dawson having a greater landholding. Dawson had felt his honor was threatened and so the pair of them agreed to settle their dispute in a duel. Feldin was outsmarted by the older man and lost the duel, suffering a cut on his side. Later that day, he and his wife, Phelia Maas, went to visit Dawson and Clara Kalliam at their manor in Camnipol. Feldin there informed Dawson of the alliance between Maccia and Vanai against Antea.