Antea, also called Imperial Antea, is an imperial kingdom in the north. Antea is larger than any other nation and the most powerful. It is the center of Firstblood power in the world.

Antea map

History Edit


Like many of the cities of the world, Antea's settlements are connected by the ancient dragon's roads. The region of the country south of Camnipol have some of the best farmland in the world. Here, the soil is rich, being fed by the rivers of southeastern Antea. In the far north, a ragged mountain range stretches along the coast between Sevenpol and Estinport. These mountains are likely a primary sight for Antean miners to dig for various metals.

Modern Associations and ReferencesEdit

Imperial Antea bears a striking resemblance to Germany, particularly in the eras of the First and Third Reich. The treatment of the Timzinae and the belief that they are below Firstbloods is very similar to the treatment of Jews and other minorities under the Nazi authority.

The Cities Edit

The cities of Antea are Camnipol, Kavinpol, Sevenpol, Estinport and Anninfort.

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